Hot chocolate?

Consent. Something that, for some reason, many people struggle to understand and get their heads around so we are going to use a quick example to explain consent in a different context.

Think of you and someone watching TV. You ask the person if they want a hot chocolate. They say “yes, I would love one right now”. From this it is clear that they want a hot chocolate. If the same person says “I’m not sure, I’m not really feeling it”, then you can make them a hot chocolate, but it doesn’t mean they will drink it, and if they don’t, you cannot force them to drink it.

If the same person says “No thank you, I don’t want a hot chocolate” then you don’t make one, under any circumstances you don’t make a hot chocolate or try to give them a hot chocolate as they have made it clear they don’t want one.

However, the person could also say “Yes please” as in the first scenario but then once you have made it they have changed their mind, and this is okay too. It might be frustrating yes, but it does not mean that just because the person said yes, that they are not allowed to change their mind; you just have to be okay with it and not force them to have it.

A further scenario would be if the same person is unconscious, do not make them a hot chocolate as they cannot answer whether or not they want a hot chocolate. If the person was conscious and said then but then became unconscious, you do not give them the hot chocolate. If the person started drinking the hot chocolate and became unconscious whilst drinking it, you don’t carry on giving them hot chocolate, you stop.

If someone said yes to a hot chocolate last week, it doesn’t mean that they will want hot chocolate every week. Saying yes once, doesn’t mean it will always be yes. For some this may seem like a stupid analogy but hopefully it puts it into terms that people can understand and comprehend.

Consent is needed both ways, not just from one person. Consent is not exclusive to one gender, one race, one religion; consent is universal and everyone has the right to consent. In the modern age, consent is something that not many people fully understand; with a music and media culture that blurs the lines with consent, many people become confused and don’t know what is right and what is wrong.

We hope this blog post gives you a clearer view regarding consent and helps you understand what is and what isn’t acceptable.

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