Blood on their hands…

If we told you citizens in the U.S are more at risk of dying from the hands of a U.S native who owns a gun over a terrorist, would you believe us? This is the reality.
According to the Guardian newspaper, as of the 15th February 2018, there had been 1624 mass shootings in the US in 1870 days. There are more guns sold in the U.S (265 million) than there are currently adults living there (249.5million); this shows just how big of a problem this is for the country. Due to a biased media, and a President who stirs up hatred and resentment towards people of colour, citizens in the U.S feel safer owning a gun to protect themselves from any “threats”.
Data from the Gun Violence Archive shows that there is a mass shooting on average nine out of every ten days; partnered with the fact that the number of gun murders per capita in the US in 2012 was nearly 30 times that in the UK, shows that gun violence is a massive issue within the U.S.
The issue of whether or not the US should ban guns or not lies with the Second Amendment of the US Constitution, which protects the right of people to keep and bear arms. People see owning a gun as their legal right and believe that gun control would be violating the Second Amendment. This Amendment is defended viciously by lobby groups such as the National Rifle Association, who claim to have a membership of roughly five million members.
It now seems almost inevitable that if you turn on the TV or check your social media, there will be some news regarding a shooting in America; it has become that common to occur. This should not be the case and something needs to be done to bring about gun control. The lives of all the innocent men, women and children who die mercilessly at the hands of these gunmen should be more important to the law makers than the Second Amendment.
Legal rights of others are important, but when these legal rights allow innocent individuals to be killed by the hands of extremists, questions must be asked. The law is there to protect us and keep us safe, but this Amendment seems to do the complete opposite. Countries such as the UK and Australia have brought in gun controls after a mass shooting has taken place and we have been fine; what makes groups such as the National Rifle Association believe that US Citizens deserve to own guns?
Perhaps there needs to be an extreme vetting process with regards to guns; there were previously talks of mentally unstable individuals being unable to buy guns, but would this reduce the risk of dying by the hands of a gunman? There are so many questions regarding this touchy topic with various different answers and explanations; however one thing is for certain: the safety of the U.S citizens comes first, otherwise the President has blood on his hands.
To those people out there who say that owning guns protect their families – if you haven’t noticed, guns do the complete opposite. By any person being able to legally buy a gun in the U.S, your children, parents, friends, family are all at risk of being a victim of a mass shooting. Reform is needed, now.


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