No to Racism

See the source imageOn Saturday, we saw what was one of the biggest far right gatherings in Europe in a long time: the Independence March in Poland. The Warsaw demonstration was organised by far-right groups as Poles celebrated their country’s Independence Day. The march marked Poland’s rebirth as a nation in 1918 after being wiped off maps for over 120 years.

This year’s march ran under the slogan of “We want God” with various other slogans such as “F**k off with the refugees”; with banners that said “Europe will be White” and “Pray for Islamic Holocaust”. Poland is believed to be the fifth largest country in terms of the number of far-right activists in the world after Germany, Hungary, the Czech Republic and the U.S.

Linda Domanska from Antifascist Warsaw said that “The media is filled with right-wing propaganda; the discourse has shifted towards views which only a few years back would have been unequivocally labelled as fascist and racist. People who are fed with this narrative begin to see hate speech as something acceptable.”

This is just an overview of the event that took place in Poland and if you wish to read more on the issue, there are many good articles of the March on the Internet. The point we wish to get across now is that there is now a real battle in Europe. The far-right are rising again, back to the days of Nazi Germany.

The refugee crisis, and the terror attacks that are unfolding around the world are giving the far-right a platform to gain support and crush opposition in countries such as the Netherlands, Hungary, and Poland amongst others. Partner this with how the leader of the free world, Donald Trump, led a divisive and xenophobic campaign to gain power; as well as Nigel Farage and the likes using Immigration as their main selling point for leaving the EU, it is easy to see how far-right views are becoming more openly acceptable in society for some.

Racist rhetoric and hatred towards minorities, especially Muslims or those who are brown are increasing day by day and these types of sentiments have all of a sudden become acceptable once again. We must not let the past occur again and we must fight for a united, diverse, and accepting society both in our country and in others. If you see or hear anything that is hate speech, or racist in any way shape or form, report it; but also stick up for those who are being targeted by groups such as Britain First or the EDL in the UK. We are a UK based campaign who will fight against any type of racism and Xenophobia on our doorstep actively, and we will raise awareness about the events occurring in other countries.

We will not rest until the minorities within the UK feel safe once again.


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